As the years go by, we all seem to seek refuge from the mad world around us by delving into things we love. At retirement this takes on a whole new meaning. Funnily enough, after finally being liberated from the constraints of the day to day rat race, we have never had a dull moment. With time on our side, we have been able to pursue many of our interests including archeology, travel, nature and fine art. We have been able to bring together all these with our passion for photography.

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Essentially, photography has been a means to chronicle our travels, a way to share the beauty we choose to selectively seek in our environment. And finally, for us, it has been a lasting reminder of civilizations that once dominated these lands and have disappeared off the face of the earth, only to leave the occasional structure, the crumbling arch, the few rows of seats of a magnificent theater for us to imagine what it was in time long gone. And, though we are, by no means, professional photographers, we have taken the liberty of creating this site as a reflection of our very own adventure.